Wanneer u een vakantiehuis huren is altijd onder de huidige regels voor de periode die u hebt uw huisje gehuurd in. In het Engels.
General rental conditions, season 2021

s. 1. Rental certificate
The rental certificate confirms the rental agreement entered into between the tenant and the owner, with Feriepartner Danmark (hereinafter referred to as FD) responsible for mediating between them. The rental agreement which is being entered into covers the stated holiday accommodation along with accompanying specifications.
Agreements between the tenant and FD which amend, modify or revoke these rental conditions must be drawn up in writing in order to be valid. Such amendments shall not render the other provisions in the rental conditions invalid - neither individually nor as a whole.

s. 2. Parties/use
The holiday accommodation may not be occupied or used by more people than the number stated in the catalogue and the number stated on the rental certificate, which also includes children. Pets are only allowed if stated on the rental certificate.

Gatherings/parties exceeding the number of occupants stated on the rental agreement must be agreed with the owner. The Feriepartner agency facilitates the contract.

s. 3. Cleaning/liability
The tenant is contractually obliged to keep the premises clean, and must surrender the premises in a clean and tidy state at the end of the rental period. If cleaning is included in the rental price, the rented property must be left in a tidy state. Inadequate cleaning upon departure (as determined by the agent) shall result in cleaning being carried out at the tenant's expense. Final cleaning can be ordered at FD. In the interests of liability to the owner of the holiday accommodation, the tenant is not permitted to pass on the aforementioned cleaning obligations to a third party.

The tenant shall be responsible for everything contained in the holiday accommodation during the rental period. Should there be any damage, the tenant is obliged to inform FD about this immediately. Damage not reported before departure shall be repaired at the expense of the tenant. Damage which occurs during the rental period (also see our terms of insurance) must be made good as soon as possible and must be replaced before departure. FD does not take out insurance to cover the tenant's person and property during the rental period.

s. 4. Terms of payment
On entering into the rental agreement, FD shall send the tenant confirmation and a rental certificate. At same time 25% of the rent shall be payable. Due to FD's payment obligations to the owner, the balance must be received by FD 70 days prior to the start of the rental period. If the accommodation is booked later than 70 days prior to the start of the rental period, the full amount shall be payable upon receipt of the rental certificate. In the event that the full amount is not paid on time, FD may cancel the rental agreement without warning.

Price increases due to changes in exchange rates:
If there are changes to exchange rates of the currency in which the holiday accommodation is billed, or the currency in which the holiday home is billed by FP, then the rental may be increased proportionally by the equivalent percentage of the given rental currency, according to the exchange rate at the time at which the contact was entered in to.
FP shall inform the tenant of this in a timely fashion and, if asked to do so, is obliged to send documentation for changes to the exchange rate. Only if the resulting increase is more than 10% of the original rental amount does the tenant have the right to cancel the rent agreement.

When rental agreements are entered into via the web page, the rental certificate shall be forwarded to the email address provided by the tenant at the time of booking. Tenants who do not have an email address should contact their local FD office directly, who will then forward the rental certificate by post.

If the rental agreement is entered into via the web page, it is possible to choose between bank transfer and debit card payment.

Should you choose to make your payment by debit card and if the amount due for payment is more than one instalment, the amount will be deducted automatically for the other instalments on the stated payment date.

If the debit card expires between two instalments, or if FD is unable to deduct the amount payable for another reason, the tenant will be informed about this by email. The email shall contain a link which the tenant is obliged to receive in order to forward the new card details to FD. The transaction is processed via a secure connection.

Should the tenant cancel, any outstanding amounts shall be refunded. cf. s7 for the debit card provided when booking.

All prices are exclusive of electricity, heating, telephone, water and additional inventory etc. These services are charged separately and FD reserves the right to revise prices which come about as a result of changes in the retail prices.

s. 5. Deposit
FD shall be entitled to charge a deposit which shall be payable with the second instalment payment. The deposit which shall serve as security for the tenant's obligations shall be returned no later than 2 weeks after departure, once a check of the premises has been carried out to the agent’s satisfaction

Consumption of electricity, oil etc. may be offset in the deposit. FD reserves the right to withdraw the amount due on any given credit card, should the deposit not cover guilty balance.

s. 6. Complaints
If, contrary to expectations, there are any complaints relating to the rented holiday accommodation, these must be reported in writing to FD's local office no later than 48 hours after moving in. Complaints in connection with cleaning must be reported to FD's local office as soon as possible after moving in. Otherwise the tenant shall be held liable for any faults or defects cf. s. 3. s.

7. Cancellation
Cancellation of rental agreement
In the event that the rental agreement is cancelled more than 70 days prior to commencement of the rental period, 20% of the gross rent shall be payable, however minimum DKK 500. If cancellation is made later than this or if the tenant does not show up, the entire amount shall be payable at 100%.

On alteration of the tenancy within 70 days prior to commencement of the rental period, a fee amounting to DKK 250 shall be charged. From then on, the rental certificate may no longer be amended. However, it may be possible to order extra services up to and including three days prior to arrival.

In the event of cancellation or changes, any service charges shall not be repaid.

Cancellation insurance covering illness (Safety included)
FD holiday home bookings autommatically include cancellation insurance covering illness without excess which is purchased from: Gouda Rejseforsikring A/S. Questions about the insurance may be sent to FD.

Insurance terms can be found on FD’s web page  and may be forwarded upon request. The premium is also shown on the web page and in FD’s catalogue.

s. 8. Price guarantee (Safety included)
If the booked holiday home is available in the same period and on the same terms, but at a lower price in the same currency, e.g. on the Internet (documentation must be presented), the tenant will have the price difference refunded. 

s.9. Force majeure
The rental agreement may be cancelled by FD without warning due to force majeure, strikes and epidemics or the like.

s. 10. The Association of Danish Holiday House Letters
FD is a member of the Association of Danish Holiday House Letters and naturally follows the code of ethics which apply to members of this association. Should problems arise regarding the tenancy that have not been resolved to the tenant's satisfaction, the tenant is entitled to bring this dispute before the Appeals Tribunal for the Association of Danish House Letters. Further information on the Appeals Tribunal can be found on

s. 11. Communication and marketing
The tenant's contact information is confidential and shall not be passed on to others. FD may use your contact information for marketing relevant offers and services by e-mail and SMS.

You may at any time opt out of receiving information from FD. In order to do this you should send an email to

s. 12. Groups of young people
An minimum age of 25 years shall apply for groups of three persons and up. This shall not apply to young people on holiday with their parents or two young people wishing to rent a holiday home together. Inspections may be carried out.

s. 13. Misprints
Reservations are made for any pictorial or typographic errors.

s. 14. Legal Venue
The Legal Venue is the judicial district for the location of the holiday accommodation or the Court at Frederiksberg.

s. 15 FD´s guide A-Z
FD’s A-Z guide containing  practical information about holiday home rental is an integral part of the contractual basis.
You can find the guide on FD’s web site: