Wanneer u een vakantiehuis huren is altijd onder de huidige regels voor de periode die u hebt uw huisje gehuurd in. In het Engels.
General rental conditions, season 2024

§1. Rental certificate
The rental certificate confirms the rental agreement entered into between the lessee and the lessor of the holiday home, as Feriepartner Danmark (hereinafter FD) is only responsible for arranging the rental between them. The rental agreement entered into covers the said holiday home with associated specifications.

FD is the party that makes the holiday home available to the lessee on behalf of a lessor and at the lessor's expense and risk, and to which the lessor grants the exclusive right to arrange the rental of the holiday home.

Agreements between the lessee and FD that change, modify or repeal these rental terms and conditions must be in writing to be valid. Any such changes do not entail that the other provisions of the rental terms and conditions – neither individually nor collectively – become invalid.

§2. Occupancy/usage
The holiday home may not be occupied or used by more people than the number stated on the website and on the rental certificate, which includes children. Pets are only permitted if this is stated in the rental certificate.

If the holiday home is used in violation of the lessor's and FD's guidelines, applicable law or public order in general, FD or the lessor has the right to access the holiday home and, should the lessee fail to rectify the situation immediately, the lessee may be ejected without notice and the rental agreement terminated without the lessee being entitled to a rent refund.

Gatherings exceeding the number of attendees stated on the rental certificate must be agreed with the lessor. An agreement to use the holiday home for purposes other than holiday must be agreed with the lessor. FD's local office shall mediate the agreement.

§3. Cleaning/liability
The lessee shall be contractually obliged to clean the rented property and must, at the end of the rental period, leave the property in a tidy and clean state. If cleaning is included in the rental price, the rented property must be left in a tidy condition. If, on vacation of the property, cleaning has not been carried out, or has not been carried out satisfactorily (intermediary's discretion), any required cleaning will be performed at the lessee's expense. Final cleaning may be ordered from FD's local office. For reasons of liability vis-à-vis the lessor of the holiday home, the lessee shall not be allowed to transfer the stated cleaning obligations to a third party.

The lessee shall be responsible for everything in the holiday home during the rental period. Should any damage occur, the lessee shall be obliged to notify FD immediately. Damage that is not notified prior to departure will be made good at the lessee's expense. Damage that occurs during the rental period will be made good as soon as possible and the costs must be paid by the lessee before departure. See also Gjensidige's/Tryg’s insurance terms and conditions. No insurance has been taken out by FD to cover the lessee's person or property during the rental period.

§4. Terms and conditions of payment
The booking shall be binding immediately, after which FD will forward a confirmation and rental certificate to the lessee. At the same time, 25% of the rental fee will fall due for payment. The remainder of the rental fee must – due to FD's payment obligations to the lessor – be received by FD 70 days prior to the start of the rental period. For bookings later than 70 days before the start of the rental period, the full amount shall fall due for payment upon receipt of the rental certificate. If the full amount is not paid on time, FD shall be entitled to cancel the rental agreement without notice. In this case, the lessee shall lose the rental fee already paid and remain liable for payment of the remainder of the fee.

Price increase due to changes in exchange rates:
If, after the conclusion of the rental agreement, there are changes in the exchange rates between the currency in which the holiday home is paid for and the currency in which FD settles with the lessor, the rental fee may be increased proportionally by the same percentage as the currency used changes relative to the exchange rate at the time of conclusion of the rental agreement. FD must inform the lessee as soon as possible and is obliged, on request, to submit documentation of the change in the exchange rate. Only if the increase exceeds 10% of the original rental fee shall the lessee be entitled to cancel the rental agreement.

For rental agreements entered into via the website, the rental certificate shall be forwarded to the email address provided by the lessee during the booking process. Lessees who do not have an email address are asked to contact FD's local office directly, from where the rental certificate will then be sent by post.

If the rental agreement is entered into via the website, the person making the booking may pay either by bank transfer or payment card. If the person making the booking chooses to pay by card and the rental fee falls due for payment in more than one instalment, the amount for the other instalments will automatically be withdrawn on the payment date stated.

If the payment card expires between two instalments, or if FD is otherwise prevented from withdrawing the amount due for payment, this will be notified to the lessee via email. The email will contain a link that the lessee is required to use to submit the new card information to FD. The submission will take place via a secure connection.

In the event that the lessee cancels the booking, cf. section 7, any sum owing will be credited to the payment card used for the booking process.

All prices are excl. electricity, heating, water, extra furniture etc. These services will be charged separately, and FD reserves the right to make price changes necessitated by changes in utility prices.

§5. Deposit
FD shall be entitled to charge a deposit, to be collected together with the 2nd instalment of the rental fee. The deposit, which serves as security for the lessee's obligations, shall be returned no later than 2 weeks after vacation of the property once a satisfactory inspection of the holiday home has been performed. Consumption of electricity, oil etc. may be offset against the deposit. Should the deposit not cover the balance due, FD reserves the right to withdraw the amount due on any payment card specified.

§6. Complaints
Should there, contrary to expectation, be any complaints about the rented property, FD must be notified in writing no later than 48 hours after the lessee enters the property. In the event of complaints about cleaning, FD's local office must be notified immediately after the lessee enters the property. Otherwise, the lessee shall be liable for any defects and deficiencies, cf. s. 3.

§7. Cancellation/changes
In the event of cancellation of a rental agreement before 70 days before the start of the rental period,
25% of the gross rental fee shall be payable, although at least DKK 550. In the event of later cancellation, or in the event that the lessee fails to show up, 100% of the full rental fee shall be payable. The rental agreement is not covered by the guests general right of withdrawal.

Changes to the rental agreement are only permitted within the same season and at least 70 days before the start of the rental period, and a fee of DKK 550 shall be charged. Beyond this time, it shall no longer be possible to change the rental certificate. Extra services may be booked up to and including three days before arrival.  In the event of cancellation or a change to the rental agreement, no fees will be refunded.

Cancellation insurance in the event of illness (Security Included)
When booking a FD holiday home, sickness cancellation insurance with no excess is automatically included. The insurance is with: Tryg A/S. Any questions about the insurance may be directed to FD.
The insurance terms and conditions can be found on this page, and can be forwarded on request.

§8. Price guarantee (Security Included)
If the booked holiday home can be booked in the same period under the same terms and conditions at a lower price in the same currency, e.g. via the internet (proof must be provided), the lessee will be reimbursed for the price difference.

§9. Force majeure and exceptional events
If FD and/or the lessor are prevented from honouring the rental agreement due to force majeure and/or exceptional circumstances, including, but not limited to, strikes, epidemics, pandemics, war, natural and pollution disasters, floods or other unusual weather conditions, border closure or other restrictions that make it impossible to honour the rental agreement, regardless of whether this could have been be foreseen at the time of conclusion of the rental agreement, FD and the lessor shall be entitled to cancel the rental agreement without notice and neither party may be held liable. In this event, FD shall be entitled to retain any rental fee already paid by the lessee to cover all costs incurred, including the sales and booking costs associated with the conclusion and termination of the rental agreement.
§10. Danish Holiday Home Association (Feriehusudlejernes Brancheforening)
FD is a member of the Danish Holiday Home Association and complies with the ethical rules that apply to members of the association. Should problems arise in connection with the rental agreement that are not resolved to the lessee's satisfaction, the lessee shall have the option to bring the dispute before the Danish Holiday Home Association's Appeals Board. Further information about the Appeals Board can be found on . Alternatively, you can use the European Commission’s online complaint portal,, to lodge a complaint.

§11. Communications and marketing
The lessee's contact information will be treated confidentially and not disclosed to third parties. FD may use the lessee’s contact information to promote relevant offers and services via email and SMS.

The lessee has the option at any time to opt out of receiving information from FD. This can be done by emailing

§12. Groups of young people
There is a minimum age limit of 25 years for groups of 3 people or more. This does not, of course, apply to young people who are on holiday with their parents or 2 young people who want to rent a holiday home together. Inspection visits may be made.

§13. Typographical errors
FD reserves all rights in respect of graphical and typographical errors.

§14. Venue
The venue is the judicial district for the location of the holiday home or the Court of Frederiksberg, and Danish law is the agreed choice of law between the parties.

§15. Personal data processing
In order to accommodate the desire to rent the holiday home and in order for FD and the lessor to honour the rental agreement (Art. 6(1b) of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation), FD needs the lessee's identification and contact information, i.e. name, address, telephone number and email address. The information is i.a. used to send the lessee a confirmation as well as a rental certificate. In addition, FD needs the lessee's account details in connection with settlement of the deposit after the rental period. In order to generally give all guests the best possible experience, FD usually also asks for the names and ages of all overnight guests. All information is collected to ensure that the lessee benefits from professional and appropriate service, as well as for ongoing internal statistics.
The lessor can only see the lessee's name, but not the lessee's other contact information. FD will not disclose the lessee's information to third parties without the lessee's consent. FD may, however, pass on the lessee's information to companies affiliated with FD to the extent this is necessary for FD to be able to manage the relationship with the lessee. In addition, FD may pass on the lessee's information to public authorities if required to do so by law.
More information about FD's personal data processing can be found in the privacy policy on FD's website ( or by contacting FD at

§16. FD’s A-Z guide
FD’s A-Z guide on practical matters related to the rented property is an integral part of the basis of the agreement. You can find the guide on FD's website


Date: November 2024