We hebben informatie verzameld over de meest voorkomende vragen voor u op deze pagina. Je bent altijd welkom om ons te contacteren indien u vragen over uw vakantiehuize in Bornholm hebben. In het Engels.

Opening hours / Phone contact
In case of urgent problems in the holiday home, outside normal opening hours, please contact us on this landline number: +45 6161 1620. It is not possible to send SMS to this number.
We can be contacted by telephone every day from 09.00-22.00. The office opening hours are: Monday to Friday 9.00 to 16.00 - Saturday and Sunday are closed.
If you arrive to the holiday home outside this hours please let the agency know.

Only in houses marked “Allergy friendly” can you be 100% sure that there have never been pets in the house. Even if the description of the house states that pets are not allowed, a house-owner or their guests may have had pets in the house. Feriepartner’s staff bear no responsibility for allergic reactions to house dust. We strongly recommend that people with dust allergies should choose houses with wooden or tiled floors. 

Arrival and Departure
Your rental agreement states clearly what time on your day of arrival the holiday home is available. The agreement also states the time of departure. Please note that it is not possible to get your key earlier. Between rentals the holiday home is checked, and any necessary repairs are carried out, so that you take over the house in a satisfactory condition.

Most holiday homes have a barbecue included in their equipment. Feriepartner assume no responsibility for the quality or condition of this barbecue.

Beds/sleeping areas/cupboard space
Bed sizes vary greatly. The width of a double bed varies from approx. 120-180 cm. The length varies from 175-200 cm. The width of single beds varies from 60-85 cm and the length from 175-200 cm. Double beds often consist of one large mattress, but sometimes of two single mattresses. Often there is a protective mattress on top on the grounds of hygiene and appearance. Please lay your own sheet on top of the protective mattress.

Holiday homes generally have quite limited cupboard space. Therefore, you cannot expect to lay/hang all the clothes you have brought in cupboards. Some cupboards are open or with a curtain.

In some holiday homes there are bicycles, which the renter is free to use. But Feriepartner take no responsibility for their quality and standard or any defects.

Bicycle rental
You can rent bicycles in the area, and Feriepartner are always available, should you need further information.

Damages and complaints must be immediately reported to Feriepartner at the start of the rental period. If this is not possible upon arrival, you must get in touch no later than 48 hours later. Damages/defects/complaints do not necessarily lead to discount or compensation (p. §6 General Terms and Conditions).

Construction noise
During your holiday, there may be construction noise in the immediate surroundings. Feriepartner have no way of knowing when and where building or renovation is taking place, and therefore cannot be held responsible. 

All holiday homes are privately owned and decorated in accordance with the owner’s taste and requirements. Therefore, Feriepartner bear no responsibility for the renter’s individual expectations. Unless otherwise specified, all holiday homes are equipped with toilet, hot and cold water, hand shower/shower cabin, stove, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner and radiators. The beds have duvets (in some cases feather duvets), pillows and possibly a mattress topper. There are cutlery and kitchen utensils for the number of persons allowed in the house. Please phone, if you have any questions about décor etc. For your holiday, you must bring the following yourself: bedding, towels, tea towels, dishcloths, tablecloth and toiletries.

There are not always cleaning agents in the house. Therefore, the renter is requested to bring cleaning agents.

Deposit / consumption
A deposit is required with each rental agreement and is paid with the 2nd instalment. After departure the holiday home is checked. Utility expenses will be offset against the deposit and the balance refunded within 14 days after departure, into the account you have stipulated. 

All distances have been measured on the internet using Google Earth. We have calculated distances to the best of our ability.

220 Volts in all holiday homes.

Energy consumption
Feriepartner recommend that you keep an eye on your energy consumption during your stay.

Final cleaning
Final cleaning is included and that means you do not have to spend the last hours of your holiday cleaning, but the house must be tidy, dishwasher, refrigerator and waste must be emptied, on departure. Bottles and cans, as well as garbage that do not fit in the bin, shall be disposed before leaving the house. See the house information folder where environmental stations are located.

Firewood is not included in the rental price, but you can buy firewood in supermarkets etc. If there is any firewood at the holiday home, this is the owner’s private property, and may only be used/purchased, if permission has been granted. In this case, the payment is made directly to the owner and left in the house on departure. It is forbidden to gather firewood in the forest or on the beach, as it may contain salt, which can damage the stove. If there are high winds or storms, it may be that the wood burning stove/fireplace cannot be used, because the wind pressures the smoke back down the chimney.

Fishing licence
You can buy a fishing licence for inshore fishing on www.fisketegn.dk

Next to the holiday home there is either a rubbish bin or a rubbish bag. But these are not normally emptied every week. Therefore, you cannot necessarily expect an empty bin/bag upon arrival. We recommend that you separate empty bottles, cans, cardboard and paper, and deliver these to a garbage collection point in the appropriate area.The green bin is only for cardboard and paper.

Garden furniture
All holiday homes have garden furniture for your use, i.e. table and chairs.  Parasols, sun loungers and cushions are excluded from this category, and so you cannot expect them to be available in the house.

We would like to point out that you must never accommodate more people in the holiday home than the number specified in the house’s description. Nor is it allowed to pitch tents, or park caravans or camping vans on the holiday home’s plot.

Health insurance
You are recommended to bring your health insurance details when you go on holiday.

High chair, cot and pushchair
You can collect and return cots and high chairs for free from Feriepartner. You should collect any items you have ordered along with the key on arrival, and return them upon departure. There is a charge for ordering cots, high chairs and pushchairs.

Hot tub
Hygiene in a hot tub is very important. Feriepartner make sure that between all rental periods the hot tub is thoroughly cleaned to combat bacteria. If you use the hot tub, you must put one chlorine tablet per person in the water. All houses with hot tubs supply chlorine tablets. Only switch on the hot tub, when the water is 10 cm above the nozzles.

Information folder
In the holiday home you will find a house folder containing a variety of information. If you have any questions about the holiday home, you will find the answers in this folder. 

Internet connections can vary from house to house. There are high speed internet in many holiday homes, but there are also homes which has a very limited access to the Internet. There are several types of Internet connections, some are only suited for surfing the Internet, email, facebook etc. while others can be used for "streaming" movies and music. For more information please contact Feriepartner Bornholm.

Feriepartner descriptions frequently include the expression “natural land.” This refers to heather moors, tall grass, uneven ground, wild heath etc. This “natural land” has been left to nature, so you cannot count on being able to use the entire area. Nor can you expect the grass to be cut, so that, for example, children can play ball. It is not allowed to park a caravan or pitch a tent on the land. Please also read the point: “Guests”. 

A linen pack contains: bedding, a small and a large towel and tea towel.
Pre-ordered linen packs will be delivered to the holiday home by our staff and should be left in the house on departure. 
If you have not ordered bedding prior to the start of the rental period, you will be charged a provision fee
If you have not pre-ordered linen packs, Feriepartner charge a provision fee.

Lost property
Feriepartner hold on, for up to three months after the end of a stay, to lost property. Any articles will be posted at the renter’s own expense. Postage and 100 DKK fee.

Military exercises
Near Raghammer, between Sømarken and Boderne, there is an area used for military drills. Drill activities are scheduled outside high season as far as possible.

The 1st instalment is a prepayment of 25% of the overall rental price. The balance and the deposit must be paid no later than 70 days before the start of the rental period. If booking less than 70 days before the start of the rental period, the full rent must be paid immediately. Together with the rental agreement all guests receive bank details, including IBAN number and SWIFT code for transferring the stated amount. All guests can pay by credit card on the Feriepartner website.

Pets are welcome in many Feriepartner holiday homes, but make sure you first read the description of the house before you book one. Your dog is permitted to move freely, but only on the plot of the holiday home. If the dog is on the neighbouring plot or in open countryside, it must always be on a lead. As a dog-owner, you must make sure that you remove dog hair from carpets and furniture and any droppings from the plot before your departure.

Renting a holiday home in the winter months
In the period from 1 October to 31 March, the holiday home is heated to a temperature of approx. 15°C for your arrival. In the pool house, the pool will be between 24 and 28°C.

If you smoke in a non-smoking house, a renter may be charged a fee for any extra cleaning.

Swimming guidelines
In some areas on the Danish coastline it can be dangerous to go swimming. So follow these swimming guidelines:
1. Learn to swim and dive correctly
2. Never swim alone
3. Swim only where permitted
4. Only go out to navel-level
5. Dive only where the water is deep enough
6. Swim along the coast
7. Never swim with alcohol or narcotics in your bloodstream
8. Get out of the water, when you start to feel cold
You can get more information about swimming from your local Feriepartner agency.

TV, Satellite TV
Only open air program are available on TV. If there is additional channels it will be displayed under the house presentation. Many holiday homes have TV and satellite connection. The satellite box has been programmed according to the individual owner’s wishes, so you cannot assume that you will be able to receive all Danish programmes. Poor signal or total reception failure may occur (weather conditions). If any problems occur with the TV/satellite reception etc., there is no guarantee that it can be repaired at the weekend or in the evening. In the event of misuse or changes of settings by the renter, Feriepartner reserve the right to charge the renter for repair/new setting. Please make sure you read the instruction manual or call Feriepartner if you are in doubt about how to operate it.

Utilities expenses
Power and any oil heating meters are read on arrival and departure.
Some regions charge a fee for water consumption, whereas in other regions that is included in the rental price. You can see this on your utilities sheet. 
If you have not made a note of the figures, Feriepartner will estimate consumption.

Feriepartner draw particular attention to the fact that Danish holiday homes are located in natural areas. Naturally, these natural areas are home to ants, flies and spiders. There is nothing we can do about this. In the event of extreme insect infestation in the holiday home, please contact Feriepartner. We will do our best to help you.

Washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers
In many holiday homes there are washing machines, tumble dryers and/or dishwashers. If and operating problems occur, there is no guarantee that repairs can be carried out at the weekend or in the evening. In the event of misuse by the renter, Feriepartner reserve the right to charge the renter for any repair. Please make sure you read the instruction manual or call Feriepartner if you are in doubt about how to operate it.

Young people in groups of 3 or more
Unfortunately, Feriepartner have frequently encountered problems when renting to young people (e.g. damage to equipment or lack of cleaning). Therefore, it has been necessary to set an age limit of 23 for groups of more than 2 people. Of course, this does not apply to young people, who are on holiday with their parents, or to two young people, who rent a house together. There may be inspection visits!

X & Z
If you need any more information, Feriepartner are always happy to help.